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Industry knowledge extension of this products
The thermostat is designed for the control of electric heating devices (Built-in sensors for
measuring room temperature and an external sensor for high-temperature protection,
to prevent heating devices burned due to high temperatures).

User Operation
Power Key: Touch the On / Off key to turn the system on or off
Mode Key: You can select “period control mode” or “manual mode” with this key.
Up / Down key: Touch the Up and Down keys to set the temperature and adjust
Clock key: You can adjust the time and the week by this key.
Manual mode: Set the temperature manually with this key.
Automatic mode: Adjust to the automatic mode, the thermostat will work cyclically
by week programming
system parameters. Press Up and Down simultaneously and hold for 5 seconds
to enter the lock key function.

Anti-frozen function
In the state of shutdown, the thermostat will turn on the heating device automatically
When the room temperature is below 5°C. when the room temperature is above 7°C, the
thermostat will turn off the heating device automatically.
Technical data
1. Temperature sensor: NTC 2. Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
3.Power consumption: < 1W 4.Voltage: AC230V 50/60Hz
5. Load current: 3A/16A 6.Temperature setting: 5~80°C
7. Key: Touch key

Programming: 6-event time and temperature
In the shutdown state, long press the mode key " and the clock key for 5 seconds to enter programming mode.  you can switch parameters by mode key.  After entering the programming mode, press the mode key to adjust " hour", then press the mode key to adjust "minute". Press the mode key again to adjust temperature.1. Wake up 2.  Leave 3 Return(am) 4.Leave(pm) 5.Return(pm)6.Sleep
1. Wake-up 2. Leave 3 Return(am) 4.Leave(pm) 5.Return(pm) 6.Sleep

Advanced setting (qualified person preferred)
Press and at the same time enter the mode of advanced setting immediately
when the thermostat is turned off. The following seven functions can be chosen by the key.

Mounting steps

Mounting Location Recommended
The heating thermostat should be mounted on the wall with air flowing freely around.
Warning: The mounting location should not be influenced by other heat source(e.g.
sunlight), airflow through doors& windows, or temperature of the outer wall.

Common failure handling




1 . Check the power supply wiring is correct or not 2 . Check the power key.

LCD display garbled

The shell is deformed after installation and can be reinstalled.

Display normal No output

1. Check whether the wiring between the MPU and the power board is damaged.

2. Check whether the null line of the live line is connected wrong.

Remote file

Check if the remote control battery has enough power, if not replace the battery.

Temperature display error

Adjust the panel temperature display by the first option in the Advanced tab.

Sensor failure

Check the sensor for damage

Er1: Built-in sensor disconnected or fault with It.

Er2 External sensor disconnected or fault with it.

Wiring diagram

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